UoY Esports

Our teams have gone onto achieving a vast number of accolades in the past including winning the 2018 NUEL Overwatch Spring Championship, becoming national champions of Rocket League and CS:GO/Overwatch in NSE’s Winter Championships 2018/2019 respectively and have placed Top 8 in League of Legends, Super Smash Bros. and Hearthstone over the past few years. We have also triumphed over our Lancaster rivals in a number of Roses events that take place each year and have a friendly, inter-uni relationship with the York St. John University when it comes to competitive gaming.

In 2017-18, FragSoc hosted the largest CS:GO Invitational LAN event in the UK with 8 of the top teams competing to win a £500 prize, sponsored by TalkTalk. The Masters tourney ran from the 24th-25th November 2018 with York emerging as the reigning champions. We’re looking forward to hosting more of these large scale events in the future for a number of games!

Below you can find some of our notable alumni who have made a name for themselves in numerous esports leagues: