Tuck Shop

At Fragsoc events we run a tuck shop to allow you to get your sugary fix!
Below is a list of items we have in stock and their prices.


Tuck shop: Price list

Big Red Soda £1.00
Mtn Dew £1.00
Hawaiian Punch £1.00
Fanta Grape £1.00
Milk Duds £1.00
Charleston Chew – chocolate £1.10
Red Vines £0.10
Reese’s Pieces £1.00
Double Dipped Nerds £1.00
Twinkies £0.80
Air Heads – Apple £0.30
Air Heads – Strawberry £0.30
Angry Birds Star Wars Gummys £1.50
Blue Razz Berry Blow Pop £0.20
Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups £1.00

Please note that stock and stock prices are subject to change.