If this is you first LAN with FragSoc, we recommend you read through the following basic information to make sure you are up to speed with everything.

What do I need to bring?


  • Your gaming PC/laptop/console
  • 1 monitor (no more than one monitor generally allowed)
  • Video cable for monitor
  • Headphones (Speakers not allowed)
  • Keyboard/Controllers
  • Mouse (+ mouse mat if you have one, in case the tables don’t co-operate)
  • Entrance fee


  • Game Cube controller or Wii U Pro Controller (if playing smash)
  • 4-way power lead
  • Money for food orders, vending machines, or local shops.

Snacks and drinks (No alcoholic drinks allowed, no meals/messy food either)

How do I get there?

We hold events in two main locations: the Law and Management Building, which is on Heslington East, and the Physics building on Heslington West. In both cases, FragSoc members often carpool to get there (which you can ask about on our Facebook page.) You can also book a taxi, or ask a porter in a college reception for a trolley, which you can take free of charge. We want you to come to LANs, so if you ask for help on the Facebook page, we’re generally happy to help. If you’re lucky enough to own a laptop, walking is fine too!


What do I do once I arrive?

Set up your PC or console up at any table: we provide power sockets and network ports on all the tables, and you can sit anywhere you want. No worries if you only have a console, you can still sit with the PC players. Start gaming! If you’re stuck for people to play with or things to do, you can talk to anyone with a FragSoc shirt, a fluorescent jacket, or just someone who looks like they know what they’re doing.


PAT testers will be available during all events, so if you haven’t had your stuff tested by them, please make a committee member aware upon your arrival so we can check this.

It’s recommended you start by introducing yourself to the people around you, or who are playing your favourite game. It’s a social event after all!


How do I have fun?

If you have completed the earlier step of talking to your neighbours this goal will be achieved much more easily, simply ask what people are playing and join in. Most of your LAN experience will be unstructured, so watch the Discord server for people playing games. We will announce scheduled events over the PA, and may get together to queue for games independently. It’s really chill. If you want partners for a specific title, just ask a FragSoc committee member!


Equally, if you want to watch a specific stream with your friends, ask us, and we’re often happy to put it up on the big screen.


What if I don’t own copies of a particular game?

Most games on the LAN schedule will be widely owned, and we often try to use free games at our events too. It is recommended that you pre-install games on the schedule to make sure you can play them when the time comes! New players are welcome to every session. We also play a fair few couch titles, which we display on the big screen.


How do I participate in a scheduled title?

We will announce what we’re playing on the PA. If the game is competitive multiplayer, captains will be selected outside the LAN room and the remaining players sorted into teams. We may have tournaments, but they are seldom taken seriously. Don’t worry about being picked last: many of the players at FragSoc events have reputations in certain titles, which you can build in time.

I want to play ______, can we play ______?

The short answer is yes.


The long answer is that generally if you want to play something there will be other people who will want to play it with you, it is simply a matter of making contact with them. Some games that require servers may need a bit more set-up time, but lobby based games such as StarCraft 2, League of Legends or Forged Alliance will be readily available to play. If you want to make it happen, speak to someone in a hi-vis vest or Fragsoc shirt and they will oblige, either by helping you find people and setting up a server or by making an announcement on the PA.

I am hungry, when do we eat?

We highly recommend bringing snacks and drinks yourself. Otherwise, check the Facebook event page for the schedule to see when our pizza order is: we have a half-price deal with Domino’s, but there is also a fish and chips order. The treasurer will go round PC tables to collect orders and cash at the designated time.


Players are not permitted to eat meals at their desk. Light snacks and drinks are allowed, but please try to keep any mess to a minimum or it means your poor committee has to clean it up later and that’s no fun. Bin bags are provided at the end of tables.


Do I stay overnight?

Some members choose to sleep overnight in the LAN building, for which we provide a room. You are welcome to game all night if that’s your fancy, but most players clear out by around 3-4am at the latest. Of course, you can return home to sleep, or even use the flat of a FragSoc member who lives close by. We want you to come to LANs, and we’re happy to accomodate you.

Will my computer be secure?

The building the event is taking place in is locked overnight and only those attending the event can gain access. People will be in the room guarding the PCs at all times though it is worth noting we have a track record of zero incidents with stolen equipment in our entire history as a society.

It’s over. Now what?

Turn your PC off and go to sleep. Our community is always active outside of LANs, and we have an event on almost every week. Our Discord has specific channels for popular titles, and it’s always easy to find people to play with. You can find groups for these communities on Facebook too. Come play with us!