The committee are the organising force that make Fragsoc happen. A new committee is elected annually at the end of the spring term.

The current committee for 2020/2021 are shown below:



Henry Warrington

Alias: Killersheep

Role: Manages the society. Oversees everything. Makes sure everything gets done and that everyone on the committee has something to do. Takes ultimate responsibility for everything FragSoc does, and generally delegates a lot.



Nicola Gill
Alias: Necromaxic

Role: Deals with all paperwork and booking for the society and society events. Liases with YUSU, the University, and other relevant organisations to ensure smooth running.




Ben Savage
Alias: Monman
Role: Handles all of the society’s finances. Applies for grants from YUSU annually, handles payment for event admissions, budget plans for committee ideas, pays cash in to our bank account and guards the petty cash tin.



Social Secretary

James Doherty

Alias: Doughy

Role: Organises socials and events run outside of a LAN environment.





Hard Tournament Officers
Laura Demkowicz-Duffy
Alias: sHiiNe

Role: Handles the hardware/technological side of running tournaments at events. Sets up servers for tournaments and organised games.




Ryan Smith
Alias: Ryth






Soft Tournament Officers

Matt Young
Alias: Matty

Role: Decides the tournaments to be run at events. Organises team picking and shouts at people to get on their server. Arranges prizes for tournaments.




Grace Hamilton

Alias: Panther








Press & Publicity

Izak Howey
Alias: Spikey
Role: Arranges publicity and advertisements for the society. Manages the society’s Facebook and other social media accounts.





Esports Officers
Max Dulson
Alias: Drakshal

Role: Monitors and maintains official Fragsoc teams. Arranges streaming of large event tournaments and the Roses against Lancaster. Co-ordinates the Roses event with Lancaster University. Keeps up to date with all areas of e-Sports over multiple games.


Josh Golding
Alias: The_JesterJG








Streaming Manager

Ryan Smith

Alias: !Ryth

Role: Manages the streams for any fragsoc event being broadcast live, as well as the schedule/rotation for members to use the Twitch account, and organises any Community Night events as part of that.




Smash Tournament Officer

Robbie Williamson

Alias: Scrob

Role: Organises and runs weekly smash meet-ups as well as admining the larger Smash tournaments with 100+ players.






Ordinary Reps
Will Marr
Alias: Cleaverguy

Role: Helps set up and pack away each event. Assists with any jobs where assistance is needed, steps into roles when those elected are unable to do so for whatever reason.



Rebecca Wardle
Alias: CrazyGinger





Jamie Quigley
Alias: Sciencentistguy





Toby Popov
Alias: Niker107







Teddy Djoudi

Alias: Stuffed






Matt Shaw

Alias: Qw3rtyqwoppa