About Us

Gaming and LAN events

Each academic year, we host 8 LAN parties for our members to attend over a full weekend, hosting up to 80 members at a time. Console and PC gamers alike are welcome to bring along their games to play on the uni network, usually hosted at either the Law and Management Building on Heslington East or the Physics and Exhibition Centre on Heslington West. Many planned events such as tourneys, couch parties, viewing parties, 24-hour servers and much more are open to anyone wanting to participate, some even sporting prizes and goodies to win!

Once you arrive, our committee will PAT test any equipment you have and you are welcome to set up using the network ports and power sockets available! You will also be required to sign-in to our dedicated LAN channels in the FragSoc Discord to stay up to date on scheduled events and announcemenets. Additionally, the buildings in which we host our events provide seperate rooms for members who wish to stay overnight.

University of York Esports

With the ever-growing student esports scene, we are the University of York's hub for national tournaments, varsity events and inter-college challenges within the University. Each term we field teams for a range of games to compete in NSE and The NUEL tournaments, as well as ESL Masters, ETF2L, RotR and much more! Esports currently holds 4 points in our annual Roses event and FragSoc helps the University of York and Lancaster University organise teams and events each year.

If you want to keep up to date with schedules, streams, tourneys or oppertunities to get involved, check out our UoY Esports Twitter for live updates. There are also dedicated esports roles on the FragSoc Discord, as well as individual game hubs run by our ESOs you are welcome to join to hear about events when they're happening. We fill teams of all skill levels and want to invest in our esports society so feel free to sign up if you want to play professionally or would rather have a more casual experience.


As well as online events, FragSoc holds a number of social events every few weeks to break the ice and provide an oppertunity to meet likeminded peers. These include group meals, pub quizzes, board game socials and much more! Members of committee are always in attendence and these events are a great way to meet the rest of the community.

And more!

FragSoc is a large society and that means we have many events and socials for you to enjoy! If you’re a streamer, we have a dedicated Twitch channel with weekly stream slots to provide perks for our community streaming members who choose to share their content with the society. We have also ran a 24-hour charity stream where we raised over £1,000 for the Runnymede Trust, we hold weekly Smash events for our Super Smash Bros. sub-society, we’ve held the largest CS:GO LAN event in the UK and so much more. Why not become a member and take a look?

Do you have any questions? Check out our FAQ page, or get in contact with the society committee!