Welcome to FragSoc



FragSoc is the University of York’s PC & LAN Gaming society as part of the University of York Student Union. We run 8 LAN parties a year, each taking place over a weekend. With around 90 people attending each LAN, all bringing both PCs, laptops and consoles, they are a great place to meet like-minded people. We play a variety of games ranging from FPS to Real-Time-Strategy to racing games. At each event we run tournaments for both fun and prizes, which are always friendly and not too competitive.


We also run Smash tournaments 2-3 times a year, with players from all over the UK attending to take the trophy. Weekly causal meetings also allow members of the university to relax and play against each other, with equipment and rooms provided.


Anyone intending to take part in inter-university competition and esports is also very welcome. Every year we help organise teams that take part in the NUEL, ESL Masters and many other UK competitions. The University of York also hosts the Roses tournament alongside the University of Lancaster, which we also compete in alongside all of the traditional and weird and wonderful sports.